Aesthetic Rating and Color Suggestion for Color Palettes

Pacific Graphics 2016

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A model to rate color combinations that considers human aesthetic preferences is proposed. The proposed method does not assume that a color palette has a specific number of colors, i.e., input is not restricted to a two-, three-, or five-color palettes. We extract features from a color palette whose size does not depend on the number of colors in the palette. The proposed rating prediction model is trained using a human color preference dataset. The model allows a user to extend a color palette, e.g., from three colors to five or seven colors, while retaining color harmony. In addition, we present a color search scheme for a given palette and a customized version of the proposed model for a specific color tone. We demonstrate that the proposed model can also be applied to various palette-based applications.


Palette Expansion
2D Pattern Coloring
Product Color Design Exploration
Product Color Design Exploration



This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant number 16K12433.


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